“At a time where Club Med was strategically changing and moving, Sarah’s input drastically helped the company both to grow and build a new image.

She is very creative though able, at the same time, to deal with large budgets. She also has the ability to work under pressure thanks to her team management skills and her expertise.

She will prove to you that marketing has a direct impact on sales, but not only…”

Benoît Anger
Associate Dean Corporate Development & Communication at NEOMA Business School
Previously Managing Director of Club Med UK


The story of Club Med’s monumental upmarket move that started back in 2003, is still discussed today in Business Schools and Universities across the world. A worldwide brand, who at the time was facing losses and a huge growth in copy-cat competition at the lower level, needed to take drastic action to reinvent itself.


Our Founder, Sarah, was responsible for marketing in the UK at the time, and as part of the European Marketing Management team, played a key role in the adaptation of all marketing during that period. A seismic shift in global marketing was taking place during the 9 years that Sarah worked at Club Med and working closely with the European teams, she rolled out newly targeted Brand and Online Marketing Strategies in the UK market.


In the UK, during the early years of the implementation of the upmarket move, Club Med UK saw double digit growth for the Winter season. The average price per hotel night increased by 11%, internet sales weight increased by 10 pts (accounting for 25% of total sales) and profits increased by £2 million. Sales in the UK were being driven by the profitable ski & long-haul destinations and a new high-value clientele came onboard.

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