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    Social Strategy & Management

    From the creation of thumb-stopping content to community building, ONCREE can support you through every aspect of social media marketing, from strategy and campaign management to reports and tracking.

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    Influencer Outreach

    From micro to mega-influencers, boost your brand awareness with partnerships that will promise you maximum coverage of your brand or product, in front of your perfect audience.

Influencer Outreach

Life is all about partnerships and relationships. And a big part of a positive relationship is trust.

Working with ONCREE and our connections with some of the world’s most trusted influencers, ensures that you will have positive partnerships that benefit your brand. After all, why wouldn’t you trust a recommendation from some of society’s most influential names?

So, if you’ve been looking at building brand awareness but stuck at how to approach it effectively, our team can help. From micro to mega-influencers, partner with brand advocates that are excited about your brand and the value your product or services provides.

Our Process

Did you know that organic influencer content has a higher visibility on social media channels than branded content and has been shown to deliver higher engagement rates? However, the rapid rise of influencer marketing has created a saturated space where many marketers struggle to identify partnerships that will positively push their brand or the tools to maximise the ROI of their influencer campaigns.

By choosing ONCREE for your influencer outreach, you can count on us to use our trusted partnerships and offer a tried and tested process.

  • A worldwide network of influencers where we have already analysed their work, authenticity and the quality of their content to make sure that we only partner with influencers that are sure to provide results.
  • Reliable brand advocates, by taking the time to build sustainable relationships, we know that we have a network of trustworthy influencers
  • Your goals at the heart of our strategy means that you’ll receive a personalised creative influencer marketing campaign to reach your goals and achieve the results that you want
  • Quality partnerships with influencers that will provide value to your brand
  • It’s all taken care of on your behalf, we will approach the influencers, negotiate the collaboration and take care of all the details
  • Measurable results all reviewed by our team, tracking the outcome of the campaign as it goes along as well as the final ROI before deciding on the next steps in your online marketing.