Retargeting – also known as remarketing – can have a dramatic impact on your business, so choose an agency that has a proven track record of providing results and using retargeting to boost ROI. 

Are you part of the 90% of users that don’t buy from a website on your first visit? Well there’s a huge chance that some of your customers are. With more than 75% of users abandoning their shopping cart the first-time round, retargeting is essential for reaching those prospects, and converting them into returning customers. 

Our Google Ads experts know retargeting like the back of their hand and are highly skilled at identifying all the ins and outs of a dynamic retargeting strategy. 

Whether you’re hoping to coax back jilted users or turn prospects into lifelong customers, we’ll use AdWords to create a retargeting strategy that helps you to connect and reconnect with your target audience along various touchpoints. 

Retargeting can have a bad reputation, but like all advertising, when done right, it can be effective and seamless. Which is where our expert team come in, they have years of creating engaging, effective retargeting strategies that convert. Our marketing strategies are all built upon sustainable, long-term goals built upon data-driven insights and deep-dives into an account’s targeting parameters and implicit patterns in Google Analytics.

If you’re ready to create an effective retargeting strategy, built upon data and customer-insight that boasts results, why not contact our expert team today?