“Since ONCREE have joined me at Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic I have seen a rapid growth in my business and the right type of patients coming into the clinic”

Dr. Raj 

The Client 

Dr. Raj is at the forefront of the Aesthetics industry in Wales, his Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic, Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, is the first in Cardiff to offer transformational Radio Frequency treatments that include Morpheus8 and Biodermogenesi.. 

The Marketing Challenge 

Over the past ten years, Dr. Raj has built up a great reputation in Cardiff for his expertise in Botox and Dermal fillers, mole removal and other aesthetic treatments. He was then introduced to revolutionary Radio Frequency treatments including Morpheus8, Fractora, Lumecca and Biodermogenesi, which he invested in, and trained in at the end of 2019. 

At the time, these treatments were relatively unknown in Wales, so the challenge was to bring them to the forefront of people’s minds, build awareness, educate and drive purchase amongst his target audiences.

Our Process

To achieve our objectives to build awareness, educate and drive leads and interest for these new, high ticket value treatments we created an Online Strategy that included positioning Dr. Raj as an expert in Aesthetics Medicine as well as  creating a buzz around these new treatments. We also designed and implemented a targeted CRM strategy that included identifying and putting in place a CRM software to nurture and grow Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic’s existing database and support our lead generation activity.

We approach all projects holistically to ensure that we create consistent messaging that is coherent, engaging and performs well across all platforms. 

An holistic approach to Lead Generation for Growth:

The Strategic Stuff

  • In-depth customer research
  • Creation of high-value customer avatars for South Wales
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Audit of the website and Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic’s online visibility

The planning

  • Developed a Local SEO strategy & plan,  including website overhaul 
  • Researched and implemented a new CRM software and developed a CRM strategy: including database clean-up and creation of email nurture campaigns for data capture
  • Creation of Content & Social Media strategy 
  • Identified Key Influencers and created an Influencer strategy
  • Ecommerce strategy: development of an online shop selling a carefully curated and bespoke Medical Skin Care range. Thereby providing another revenue stream for Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic. 
  • Paid Media: full Facebook Ads campaigns & funnels based on in-depth customer research and purchase data. We created a series of habit and interest-based audiences to cultivate cold traffic, nurture warm audiences and effectively re-target existing customers in order to maximise conversions. This was combined with a follow-up email sequence. 

The Results 

The most effective lead generation process for Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic without a doubt was targeted Facebook Ad campaigns combined with follow-up email sequences. 

With a new CRM system now in place we were able to  nurture their leads and with just £2.7k in Ad Spend, Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic converted that into an almost immediate £40k revenue. Generating 148 leads with the cost of £18 per lead, we continue to nurture these leads with email and SMS marketing.

As we took an holistic approach to Cardiff Cosmetic Clinics online marketing, we have also achieved an impressive growth in organic and  direct traffic to the website: Organic traffic from 2841 users in 2020 to 7692 in 2021 and Direct traffic tripled from 452 to 1537. Leading to  a huge increase in bookings and revenue.

And, with the new CRM system and  strategy in place the clinic database has tripled in just 12 months. 

Stepping swiftly into an e-commerce model

Thanks to all of our marketing efforts we were able to scale Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic’s business and launch a new e-commerce website to promote the skin care side of the Clinic. Even though it’s a very new project it’s looking very promising with more than 500 users in the last 3 months.

Dr Raj’s profile in Wales has undergone a successful makeover and he is no longer referred to as the Botox Doctor!