Marketing Trends – Hashtags

Posted by Sarah Mason

Do you remember the hashtag fail Burger King had back in 2013 when they used the hashtag WTFF to mean ‘What the French fry’. This caused quite the stir because the hashtag WTFF was already being used and it most certainly was not related to french fries, or anything palatable for that matter!

The use of hashtags seems quite simple, right? Use them and your audience is likely to increase. This is not quite accurate, and often we see small businesses and entrepreneurs making use of #hashtags that will rarely benefit their digital strategy, so we have put together a list of 5 tips just for you!

  1. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. However, according to Hootsuite no more than 11 hashtags should be used per post. At ONCREE we use between 7 & 10. 
  2. The most popular trending hashtags are NOT necessarily the most effective. Your post might get lost in the noise and is likely to not even be seen. Therefore, combine trending & niche hashtags.
  3. Take a look at what hashtags your competitors are using and see what is working for them.
  4. Research what hashtags your audience is using.  
  5. Always brand your hashtag, this allows you to promote your own brand positioning but don’t forget to follow your own hashtag in order to evaluate how it is being used. 

Keep an eye on our page for more tips coming soon!

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