“After spending a huge amount of time and money investing in the future of Masons Self Storage, ensuring that our facility provided a modern and seamless experience for our customers, as well as doubling our capacity, we needed a new and creative approach to our marketing.

Sarah and her team, really took the time to get to know us,  our customers and our goals for growth. They then took a very holistic approach and created a cohesive multi-channel marketing strategy and plan. Within just three months, we found ourselves with increased enquiries AND increased revenue. As well as reaching our optimal capacity of 92%! We can’t thank Sarah and her team at ONCREE enough!”

James Mason
Marketing Manager at Masons Self Storage


Masons Self Storage undertook an expensive £1.2 million expansion programme to double the size of their storage facility, but they had to quickly start filling the 483 new units to start making their money back.

They had always relied on traditional marketing methods to fill their storage units and had an ad hoc approach to Google Advertising. However, with competition in the area increasing, £1.2m of costs and 483 new units to fill, Masons needed a quick turn around solution.


With a holistic approach to growing Mason Self Storage’s online presence, we focused primarily on building them a strong digital reputation in the local community. With a local SEO and Paid Media focus as our first mission, we created highly targeted online ads and high converting landing pages which allowed us to quickly generate more enquiries and improve conversion rates.  By creating content for Facebook ads that promoted the newly refurbished facility and focusing on local initiatives in the community, we helped establish Masons Self Storage as the industry leader.

Then to engage both domestic and business audiences, we used testimonials from current customers and shared across a multitude of channels. This allowed us to quickly establish Masons as a trustworthy, well-known name and the first choice, not only for self-storage but also for ancillary products such as moving boxes and bubble wrap.


The combination of online advertising, great content and social engagement led to a huge increase in traffic to the website meaning that in just three months, we tripled the number of enquiries Masons received by 36%, grew their revenue by 28%, plus we achieved optimal occupancy of 92%! Not only did Masons fill their new units but gained a new revenue stream that allowed them to start their second phase of their expansion.

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