“When we were starting out we knew very little about what was required to have an online presence. Sarah and her team at Oncree, walked us through all of the steps required to create a website, but more importantly, the content and design that was needed to reflect our values and engage our prospective customers. We were delighted with the outcome”

Daryl Davies ACCA
Managing Director, Davies Archytas


Davies Archytas were a brand-new accountancy and taxation company that needed a website to quickly establish themselves online. With no previous brand deck, other than a logo, and working within the highly competitive financial services sector, Davies Archytas needed a unique brand design to use across their online and offline collateral, as well as complete website copy. 


As Davies Archytas were a brand-new business, the biggest challenge was creating a new website without an existing branding deck, no initial idea of a customer persona or any previously written copy. 

By using a data-led approach, we worked with Davies Archytas to research and identify their key demographic, creating customer personas and identifying their interests and pain points. We also thoroughly researched their competitors in the Accountancy and Taxation industry, identifying where Davies Archytas wanted to position themselves and who they wanted to engage online. 

As there was no existing imagery, no budget for photography, and we didn’t want to use the usual stock photography, we had to think outside the box. We went for neutral branding with images of paper origami throughout the website. With origami and its folds representing simplicity but precision, it represented the key values and integrity of Davies Archytas.

Similarly, when creating the message and copy for the website, we wanted to ensure we were capturing those same concepts of integrity, simplicity and precision, whilst also communicating the personal customer relationship building that Daryl Davies was renowned for.


We created a brand new, contemporary website that broke the mould of the typical static Accountancy website of the time and stayed true to the aspirations of Davies Archytas and their owner. 

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