“I was the Marketing Manager for Avalon Waterways at the time that Sarah came onboard and, with the team, completely changed the way we were working online. The results were phenomenal allowing us to compete effectively in the highly competitive Luxury Cruise space.”

Sarah Cawthorne
Marketing Manager at Avalon Waterways


Avalon Waterways were a small brand with a small budget in a highly competitive industry: luxury cruises. In an attempt to distinguish themselves, they were spending the majority of their budget on Google ads. 


We undertook a review of their online activity, carried out a huge UX and customer persona journey, dissecting their customer base into segments and different personas. By identifying Avalon’s customers’ pain points and challenges, we were able to devise a content and SEO strategy that really spoke to Avalon’s audience. 

In addition, Avalon Waterways were spending far too much on Google ads with limited results. By running a training and education programme with Avalon’s in-house marketing team, we were able not only to reduce wasted budget, but were able to boost their PPC performance whilst reducing ad spend. 


Not only did we help Avalon Waterways gain more control over their Google ads and reduce their spend, we completely overhauled their Content and SEO strategy, allowing them to gain online visibility, as well as increased enquiries and cruise bookings. From the increased publicity and recognition, and in turn revenue, Avalon were able to successfully run their first-ever television campaign which further increased their bookings and brand recognition. 

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