The Client 

Andy and Helen have turned a dream into reality by establishing the e-commerce website Astronoscope in 2021. The couple specialises in top of the range astronomical equipment for beginners and professionals, and they are on a mission to become thought leaders in the UK’s budding amateur astronomy community. 

The Marketing Challenge

astronomy website marketing

Both Andy and Helen had successful careers in the aviation industry, but they decided to leave it all behind and start their passion project. Soon after Astronoscope was launched, they turned to ONCREE for guidance in establishing their digital foundations. They needed help building their brand, setting up marketing strategies and the channels required to get their business up and running online.  

Since Astronoscope is a new name in astronomy, the challenge was to:

  • Identify their business goals
  • Determine their target audiences
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Set them apart from competitors 
  • Establish them as a trusted name in the field 
  • Drive Awareness and Engagement on their Social Media Channels
  • Identify and build the channels to promote their online presence 

Our Process

To achieve our objectives, we created an Online Strategy that positioned Astronosope as a trusted brand in astronomy for beginners and professionals. We stamped their authority in the field by creating and implementing a comprehensive content strategy across their website and social media platforms that showcased their e-commerce offerings and extensive knowledge on the subject. We also made sure that audiences had a good understanding of both the brand and the brains behind it through clear and concise brand messages. 

original, engaging and relevant content in the right places and with excellent engagement across social media platforms

The Strategic Stuff

  • In-depth customer research
  • Creation of customer avatars for beginner and amateur astronomers
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Full website audit and Astronoscope’s online visibility
  • Keyword analysis 
  • Weekly Strategy Calls

The Planning

astronomy website marketing
  • Developed a ‘light’ foundational SEO programme to get Astronoscope discovered on search engines 
  • Optimized their website for improved customer experience and online visibility
  • Set up and launched social media shops and an initial paid media campaign
  • Built target audiences 
  • Created and implemented content and social media strategies through original, high-quality and relevant blogs and social media posts
  • Created and implemented Facebook Ads campaigns to maximise engagement
  • Developed a programme/roadmap that they can use independently


Through a strong collaborative process, we were able to create original, engaging and relevant content in the right places and with excellent engagement across social media platforms. This combined with online advertising, led to Astronoscope’s brand identity being cemented and they are now ready to grow their e-commerce business on a strong foundation. Their audiences have a clear understanding of who they are, what they do and their unique competitive edge.